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This site has no special purpose, I just have it because I can.
It started as a learning experience and now is just a hobby. I have decided to use it to express my own opinions about various subjects.

Here is an article you may find interesting about Jehovah's Witnesses and disaster relief from The Gary Halbert Letter.

Some of my favorite links:

* Watchtower: Official Web Site of Jehovah's Witnesses.

* The Internet Movie Database: Movie info.

* World Press: News from around the world.

* Topwalls: How about some wallpapers for your desktop.

* Frontline: A great news article and video archive from PBS.

* How Stuff Works.

* CSS Zengarden is a site focused on creating artistic stylesheets and web pages. Sometimes the art affects the function but it's fun to browse all the different design ideas people submit.

* Wikipedia is one of the most complete encyclopedias available, and more.

* The Free Dictionary: Dictionaries; regular, medical, legal and more plus a thesaurus, encyclopedia and more.

* Encarta: An encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus and more.

* OneLook online dictionary: Search many dictionaries at once.

* So you wanna: How to do it.

* Video Help: This site is all about helping you get the most out of your video files, DVD players and burners.

* This to That: Shows you what glue you should use.

* The Guru of 3D: All about the gaming performance of your computer. This is also a great place to get your video card and mainboard drivers.

* The official U.S. time.

* Dans Data: Tech stuff. I like his "letters" pages where he answers peoples email.

* [H]ard|ocp: Tech stuff.

* MajorGeeks: Software downloads.

* Software downloads.

* W3 Schools: Full web building tutorials.

* HTML Help: Tutorials: learn how to make web sites.

* Webmonkey: Tutorials: learn how to make web sites and more.

* Newegg: PC Parts.

* PriceWatch: Find the best prices on PC parts and electronics.

* Ebay: Shop for anything.

* Amazon: Shop for anything.

* GameSpot: Game info and reviews.