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The belief in a Supreme Creator is usually considered to be an unscientific viewpoint. I believe that evolution is actually the more unscientific view. When the limited proof for the process of evolution is examined and then a person still believes in it, it seems to be more a leap of faith than the Creationist view.

My belief in a Creator stems from a small knowledge of biology. For example; a bird is designed with hollow, tubular bones, which makes it lighter, allowing it to fly. Birds are also designed to be very aerodynamic. My belief is that the aerodynamic design shows forethought and intelligence. I have difficulty believing that evolution is a viable explanation. The same forethought and intelligence is seen everywhere in nature.

Another example is our own natural desire for the opposite gender. There seems to be no reason for such a procreative structure to evolve. The relationship that a man and woman can share shows not only forethought and intelligence but also displays a measure of kindhearted consideration.

These are just a couple of ideas about creation and there are probably many arguments for a belief in evolution; but I am convinced that a Supreme Creator does exist. I think the arguments for evolution are based on inaccurate philosophies and require too much of the imagination.

How about the simple way the apostle Paul put it in the Bible book of Hebrews 3:4: "Of course, every house is constructed by someone, but he that constructed all things is God".