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There is a multitude of software available online to download. Some of it is very good and some of that is even free. I don't mean Shareware either, I mean FREE. You just have to download it and install it.
Here are some that I find very useful and I think you may as well.

Some of my favorite software:

* Zone Alarm (the basic version) is a free firewall program that works better than most, free or not.

* Ad-Aware SE Personal is one of the best, if not the best, spyware remover available, and it's free.

* Spyware Blaster prevents spyware from getting to your computer by teaching your browser, Internet Explorer or Firefox, to automatically block known threats. It really works.

* Spybot Search & Destroy is another spyware program that works very well and it has won awards. It also has full time protection.

* Microsoft Windows Defender is another good spyware buster and it has full time protection.

* Cobian Backup: schedule backups of your most important files to occur automatically.

* Java Runtime Environment: You need this one to get the most out of and you should install it first.

* is a program that competes directly with Microsoft Office. It may work just a little differently but it would be a bargain at $70 or more. You can save in .doc .xls and even .pdf formats. Check it out!

* is great for manipulating photos and other images.

* Irfanview is great for working with and manipulating images.

* Notepad++ is a text editor with muscle. It sports syntax highlighting and plenty of other useful features.

* Google Earth is a program for viewing actual satellite images of earth.

* DVD Shrink is a program for copying DVD's to your hard drive and shrinking them so they fit on a DVD+R disk. It can't burn a dvd alone but it will work with Nero Burning Rom.

* Memtest86+: This one is for the geek in you. You use it to make a floppy or a CD that boots and then checks your computers memory. I have used it to find problems that other utilities couldn't find.

* C Cleaner is one of the best hard drive cleaners you can get. It's small, it's fast and it's free.

* Startup Control Panel is another geek tool. It lets you see and change what programs start automatically when you start your computer. It can also help you track down a spyware or virus program that is starting along with your computer.

* Ultimate Boot CD: Memtest86+, FDISK and Smart Boot Manager are just three of the many tools you will find on the Ultimate Boot CD. You use it to make a CD that boots and then gives you a menu with many useful tools.

* Unit Converter is a program that converts inches to centimeters, Celsius to Fahrenheit, miles to furlongs or whatever to whatever. Very useful.

* NVU is a web page builder that works visually so you don't have to know html code.

* HTML-Kit is a good html program for creating web pages.

* 1st Page 2000 is a good html program for creating web pages. I'm using it to make this page.

* 1st Transfer: Here is a plugin for First Page 2000 that lets you transfer your web pages and files to your web site. Read the installation instructions. Access it through the "Tools" menu in 1st Page 2000.

* Deluxe FTP: A stand alone transfer program to transfer web pages to your web site.

* 7-Zip is a program that can compress and decompress zip, tar, gzip, cab and other archive files.

* Firefox is a web browser you can use if you don't like Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

* EasyCleaner is a program that cleans your hard drive and registry. It can speed up your computer considerably. I have never had of any problems with it but you should know what you are doing. Use it at your own risk.

* Hijack This is a program that tries to detect hijack attempts and gives you the option to delete the offending registry entry. You have to know what you are doing. Use it as a last resort and at your own risk.